ERG002_N Auto Retracting Duty Safety Knife

sku: ERG002_N

Technicut ERG002/N Auto-Retracting ambidextrous safety knife / safety cutter with ABS body and TPR side grips.

The Technicut ERG002/N is an Auto-Retracting, ambidextrous Safety knife suitable for tasks such as opening packaging and cutting various materials (cardboard, strapping and film etc.)

This knife features an easy to use auto retracting blade using a ‘thumbs off’ method The user deploys the blade and engages into the material to be cut, moving the ‘thumb off’ of the slider, the blade is held by the friction of the material. On exiting the cut the blade will safely auto-retract back into the knife.


  • User Friendly Operation and Comfort
  • Ergonomic ABS Body
  • Auto-retracting Blade
  • Ambidextrous Blade Inverts for Left-Handed Users
  • Suitable for cutting Cardboard, Strapping and Films.
  • Easy and Safe Blade Changing
  • Suits Use with a Belt Retractor or Holster
  • Safer Alternative to the traditional ‘Stanley’ Knife


  • Length 141 mm
  • Width 35
  • Thickness – 18 mm
  • Weight 69 g
  • Max Blade Length 25 mm

  Replacement Blades Available:





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